By Aniema Akpabio

A staff nurse at the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital was severally beaten up on Monday by a patient’s (name withheld) family members and relatives who died in the hospital following a diagnosed health complication.
It was learnt that the nurse was beaten up by the deceased patient’s children and relatives who were in the hospital when the woman gave up the ghost. The patient has been diagnosed of a terminal liver disease and she died a few days after been on admission in the hospital. According to an eyewitness, it was reported that the enraged relatives held the hands of the nurse back while she was being beaten by the children. An official of the hospital has this to say ‘It was not a remand by the relatives but it was a clear case of an attempt to kill an officer of the state’’, he adds ‘‘we are used to verbal attacks and other forms of expression through which patient’s relatives react to the death of their loved ones but this was totally different, the intention was to kill the staff on duty and this is distressing’’.

The Acting Chief Medical Director of EKSUTH, Dr. Kolawole Ogundipe said that the patient was suffering from a liver terminal disease and instead of bringing her to the hospital she was kept in a faith-home until her condition deteriorated before she was brought to the hospital. All the medication due to her was administered to her by the nurse. The family failed to buy prescribed drugs and tests recommended to them and the nurse waited for the family to come forth with the drugs and test, the patient’s health deteriorated and the nurse had to give her the necessary injection. When she later died the family claimed it was the injection which the nurse gave her that killed her and transferred their emotion on her by beating her up. Two of the deceased daughter attacked the staff by holding her hands and trying to choke her. The Acting CMD also claimed that a security man on duty was also attacked and injured. The case has since been reported to the police and the Commissioner of Police in Ekiti State, Mr Sotonye Wakama, has ordered for an autopsy to determine the cause of the patients death to clear all doubts.


  1. they should be prosecuted. let the law take it’s cause. the case should be well investigated and prosecuted, we should stop taking things for granted.

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